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The Right Talent

Talent trumps everything.
No matter how great your vision,
or how powerful your technology,
without the talent to execute,
We are talent specialists.

We find it.

We develop it.

We believe in talent

because other peoples’ talent

made us successful

in our own executive careers.

What’s New?

I post comments and articles regularly on Linked In, largely replacing my blog with these posts. Click on the Go button to go there. Follow me there …. 

Improving your people’s productivity and delivery capability ….

Do you have a problem finding the great people you need to staff your rapidly growing organization?

We recruit great people for fast-paced roles in  rapidly changing / growing organizations.

Do you need to build your staff’s ability to work more effectively in teams while increasing their one-on-one people skills?

We improve the team work in your organization through face-to-face soft skill professional development programs that increase individual and team results back-on-the-job.

Do you want to get insights and ideas about how to best handle your people issues in the work place?

Our Blog

We share what we have learned managing thousands of people and millions of dollars in large and small, for-profit and not-for-profit, established and innovative organizations.

Increasing the ability of individuals to deliver ….

Do you want to give your people access to just-in-time / on-demand soft skill e-learning programs?

We increase a person’s work place competency through just-in-time, on-demand, soft skill development e-learning programs.

Do you need to powerfully boost the productivity of one person or a few crucial people in your organization?

We dramatically increase the capability of executives and individuals,  through one-on-one coaching, measuring our success by their increased performance on-the-job.

Are your people having problems delivering projects on time and on budget?

We coach individual project managers, particularly PMs running projects in trouble, focusing on getting their projects back on track, and transferring the skills needed to keep them from these problems again in future.

We guide organizations as they first set up PMO’s (project management offices) or seek to improve their existing PMO’s effectiveness.

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Roelf leads our Talent Management Practice.

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Roelf Woldring

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Heather and Roelf have the business experience to lead each other’s client assignments.

We are experienced professionals and leaders whose mission now is to help others succeed with their talent management / talent development concerns.

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Heather heads our Project Management  Practice.

Heather Webber

Heather Webber

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The Right Talent: Talent Trumps Everything

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