End of Summer Team Building Workshop Special

Dates Available in August and September

“The best way to build a team in to engage that team in an activity which is set up to succeed.

Past team success sets the foundation for future team success.”

That is the way we approach team building. We focus our team building workshops on core soft or people skills. We use of the most effective one “Intelligent Questioning”, to create an environment where people succeed at acquiring a skill which they can immediately apply on-the-job. Normally, we offer this workshop in a way that allows whoever is interested in an organization to come.

But when a full team comes to such a workshop, team building happens as well. As a result, two things occur back on-the-job.

  1. Individual productivity increases because person has a new level of one-on-one interpersonal skill.
  2. Team productivity increases because the team itself has engaged in an activity as a team which they experienced as s success.

Our team building workshops are normally $7500 for 8 to 10 people for a 2-day workshop. For end of the summer, we are offering the “Intelligent Questioning” version of our team building workshop as a special discounted rate of $5000.

As much as possible, we try to work in your environment to minimize your costs. We work with your normal caterers to ensure that here are snacks available.

However, we can work in a room at an outside facility if you prefer to rent such a space.

Contact Roelf Woldring at Roelf@The-Right-Talent.ca  or 1-416-427-1567

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