The Right Talent

Talent trumps everything.
No matter how great your vision,
or how powerful your technology,
without the talent to execute,

A Free Strategic Offering

Spend an hour with me and

get deep insight into the talent acquisition

and people management strategy you need to grow.

I have worked with start ups and rapidly growing organizations for years. Often, the key people running them scramble to find the talent they need to drive these organizations forward. They assume that recruiting for talent is a straight forward thing. This may be true for well-established firms. It is simply not true for rapidly growing, small to medium-sized organizations.

If you are a rapidly growing small to medium-sized organization,

I will work with you to determine your move forward
talent acquisition strategy.
I will do this at no cost to you.

There is only 1 string attached to this offer. The time I spend with you will be limited to 60 minutes. We will spend this time together in 2 parts. In the first 30 minutes or so, I will find out who you are and where are planning to take your organization.

In the second 30 minutes, we will talk about how you might best find and manage the talent you need to achieve your growth. I promise that I will not try to sell you anything during this time together.

That’s the offer – no strings attached. You get an insightful hour with a proven talent acquisition strategist who has decades of experience building high-performing, innovative, technically oriented organizations.

Why am I doing this?

1. The assignments that I do for clients happen most often by referral. One person who knows me tells someone they know about who I am and what I do.

By doing these talent acquisitions strategy sessions, I increase the number of people who know me. That increases the number of potential referrals.

2. I have done strategy consulting work for clients in the past. I have learned, out of my own experience and out of theirs, that all real growth comes down to finding and managing talent well. So now I frame what I know in terms of finding and managing talent.

The Right Talent: Talent Trumps Everything

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