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What I Do …. 

Develop / author e-learning programs about foundation level work place soft skills.

People apply soft skills on-the-job when they value doing so and have the ability to do so.

Values are complex. They are developed through our early socialization and over the course of our lives. If people don’t value being interpersonally effective, they are not likely to take the time and to spend the energy needed to develop people skills.

Ability is a combination of 3 kinds of knowing:

  1. knowing that – knowing facts, concepts, and ideas.
  2. Knowing how – be able to do things, using our cognitive and physiological  capacities.
  3. Knowing why – making judgments about when to, and when not to use, the ability.

E-learning can effectively address most or all of knowing that. E-learning, depending on the skills involved, begin to help a person acquire the knowing that and the knowing why components of an ability.

I author soft skills e-learning programs. I am an expert at adult learning – acquired theoretically as part of my advanced academic training in work -place psychology and pragmatically through countless course and professional development program deliveries.

I am also an e-learning expert, having been involved with it since my software development staff incorporated their first just-in-time learning components in the advanced software applications they developed in the 1980’s.

I author e-learning programs focused on foundation soft skills and managerial competencies. The courses are available through Udemy.com and through The-Right-Talent’s e-learning website – www.ktkhkw.com. (Know That / Know How / Know Why dot com). Use the buttons at the TOP RIGHT of this section to access both.

One-on-One Coaching, focusing on soft people skills and strategy formulation

Soft skills are the core of a leader’s / manager of others’ leadership competency. But there are very few effective soft skill development programs.

Soft skills are an 80/20 reality.

20% of the skills get you through 80% of the situations at work, where everyone is well-intentioned and pressure is at a day-to-day level. Many people acquire these 20% foundational soft skills

  1.  as part of their ‘growing up’ socialization,
  2.  or as part of early work experiences,
  3.   or as part of beginning professional development programs.

(My own soft skills courses on www.Udemy.com and at www.ktkhkw.com are one way to do this.)

Leaders and managers cannot handle their role requirements with just 20% of the soft skills. Their people management and leadership need mean they need to acquire the other 80% of soft skill.  Their roles mean that they are constantly dealing with the exceptional 20% situations – i.e.

  1.  conflict among individuals,
  2.  delivery under pressure,
  3.  decision making under conditions of uncertainity,
  4.  communication under conditions of stress,
  5.  coaching others who are anxious about their current and future performance,
  6.  dealing with people who performance is not up what is required,
  7.  … .

Manager and leaders need to acquire and to develop the other 80% of soft skills in order to do their jobs. Unfortunately, most ‘leadership’ development programs talk vaguely or generally about what it means to lead. They do not focus on specific soft skills. They do not help managers develop them in progressive ways.

A particular manager may be lucky, and get mentored / coached by a rare self aware boss, who is also good at developing people skills. But most manager / leaders are not this lucky. They simply fumble their way through these exeptional 20% foundation level situations with the skills they may have.

I know this well, because I have managed hundreds of manager / leaders over the course of my career. I only began to get real payback from investing in professional development for them when I focused on the other 80% of the soft skills. For many of them, it did not come together until they had an opportunity to benefit from a brief period of one-on-coaching with an experienced executive, WHO KNOW HOW TO COACH.

I do ONE-ON-ONE coaching. My approach to coaching is based on my formal post graduate training in work place and managerial psychology.  I add advanced professional development in human relations and group facilitation to this base. Finally, I have coached and developed many, many direct reports over the course of my career. I have also formally coached organizational leaders.

My whole approach to one-on-one coaching is driven by 1 metric – improvement in the business results delivered by the person being coached, in the short term and the long run. As a result, the costs involved in my coaching always achieve a return on investment. The people I coach generally leverage the talents of others and of substantial organizational results. As my ‘coachees’ improve their soft and strategic skills, their abilitiy to leverage the talent of their people and to utilize the other assets available to them increases dramatically.

Customized Face-To-Face Professional Development Programs

Advanced soft skills require feedback to develop. They do not deliver payback unless the people learning them put their new skills into effect back-on-the-job.

I deliver customized, face-to-face advanced soft skill programs.

They are customized because shaping the required role plays and simulations to take into account the work place of the participants dramatically increases new skill use back-on-the -job.

They are face-to-face, so that we can incorporate the feedback components (personal and video-based) essential to advanced soft skill development.

The programs I currently deliver.

Asking Effective Business Questions – foundation effective question asking skilled for all business professionals

Getting the Right Facts – advanced interviewing skills for business analysts, project managers, consultants and other working professionals

Facilitating Meetings – advanced meeting management skills for project managers, consulting engagement leaders, working managers, team leaders and other working professionals

Performance Contracting – contracting with direct reports for high levels of future performance for managers with direct reports

Effective Hiring – working with recruiters to hire for the best possible performance fit and culture fit – for hiring managers

OMG, My Boss Expectw Me To Coach – foundation soft skills for managers and individuals who are expected to coach others


Write in traditional and e-publishing formats

I have been writing regularly and publishing material on business and talent management topics for over 10 years. Some of it is formatted traditionally . The rest is in the form of voice over presentations.

I also post on Linked In fairly frequently,




Why I Recruit


I recruit for 2 reasons.

  1. Folks have asked me to help them find great talent.
  2. It is a lasting way to make a contribution to people I admire – people who run great organizations and people who want to work there.

It is also fun. I do it well and enjoy doing it.


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