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Lots of people are commenting on AI and its possibilities for human society. There are whole web sites devoted to the topic, positive and negative.

Much of this dialogue is based on speculation, speculation that is often driven by the way that AI devices and robots have been depicted in the movies and the public media.

As exciting as the possibilities for AI are, a lot of this speculative commentary is more hype than reality. Of course, in an Internet age, such material can rapidly spread.

I first got involved with AI software decades ago. I have always been impressed by what is possible. At the same time, I am been amazed by the collaborative smarts it takes to make AI happen.

This video essay shows why, as powerful as AI potential is for human societies, this is not be beginning of an age of ‘machines with free will”. Such devices only exist in the speculating minds of writers and movie makers.

But AI’s wide spread implementation does raise serious issues that need to be addressed from the viewpoint of human ethics and justice. Find out more by clicking on the link above to go directly to this video voice over.

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