Work place harassments, business fraud and conflict of interest don’t happen every day. But when you as a manager or executive are faced with a possible occurrence of any of these, you need to quickly decide if you need to commission a formal investigation. When you do decide that an investigation is warranted, you must ensure that it is done in the right way and leads to actionable results.

Get the confidential coaching that will enable you to act as a successful business sponsor for such an investigation.

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Investigation Facts

The Details …

Who are you?

You are an entrepreneur running a business, or a C-Level Executive in an organization. You have to make a difficult decision about a situation that does NOT land on your desk every day.

“Do I really need to take steps to have this situation formally investigated?”

What problem are you facing?

Workplace harassment or fraud issues do not occur everyday in most workplaces. But when they do, you as the leader involved, must face up to them.

How do you confidentially connect with a person who can provide you with the insights you need?

Do you really need to initiate a formal investigation?  If so, what is the best way to do this?

How can you get the advice you need that is not just ‘disguised marketing’ by an investigator or your law firm?”

Who are we?

Roelf Woldring, as an organizational leader, and Mary Travaglini, as an HR leader, have faced such problems for years. They understand the need to have a quiet, discrete, confidential conversation with someone who has ‘done it before” at the first stages in your deliberations.

Roelf and Mary have conducted and overseen workplace investigations into workplace harassment, toxic working environments, business fraud, and conflict of interest. They have experience as investigators. They have acted as the business sponsors of investigations done by outside, independent investigators. They have managed the follow up, post investigation action steps required. They know from hard experience that discretion and confidentiality are key dynamic requirements before, during, and after a formal investigation.

What can we do to help?

Roelf has a book: “Respect in the Workplace: Harassment Investigations – A Practical Guide”, which might be all you need to consult at this point.

Or you might prefer to have a private, discovery conversation with him. Roelf offers you the opportunity to have this first, confidential discovery discussion at no-cost. You will get the insights you need about what you might to do next.

If this first 15 to 20-minute conversation expands into something more, you might engage either Roelf or Mary as your ‘investigation coach’. We will help you make the connections with the folks you need to involve as investigators through our proven network. We can guide you through the steps you will take as you oversee investigation as its business sponsor.


Respect in the Workplace
Manage Workplace Investigations

What is the next step?

Reach out to Roelf via email. Setup a 15 to 20 minute confidential, discovery conversation over the Internet. (Roelf uses Zoom to this to ensure privacy.)

Roelf will provide you with the insight you need to decide on your next steps. He can also send you a pdf copy of his “Respect in the Workplace: book. As well, he can give you access to his “Managing Workplace Investigations” e-learning program (under development).

How does help you?

At the end of your discovery conversation, you will know if you need to take the steps to initiate a formal investigation. If you do, you can also consider engaging Roelf or Mary to act as a discrete, experienced coach with whom you can talk through the progress of the investigation, and the follow-up steps you need to take as a result of its findings.


What will be the end result?

Avoid the problems that will happen if you have a situation with needs formal investigation but do not take the steps to make it happen.

If you do initiate an investigation, as its business sponsor, keep it on track and within reasonable cost. Ensure that it produces the actionable results you need to avoid future problems coming out of the situation being investigated.

The first discovery conversation with Roelf is a no-cost win-win. Based on it, you can determine if you want to take things further with Roelf or Mary, engaging one of them as your private, investigation process coach. You will have a weekly conversation which keeps your investigation on track. Ensure that your investigation dollars are well spent and produce the actionable results you need.

Roelf Woldring contact info:     1-416-427-1567

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