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Proven HR | talent management best practices, updated to deal with the realities of an endemic Covid, hybrid work world,

are your key to engaging the talented people who will drive your growth and business success.

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Confidential HR services and coaching that are the key to your success as a not-for-profit or for-profit organization.

Set up a discreet, no-cost discovery call with Mary Travaglini, an accomplished and experienced HR service provider and best practices coach.

Explore your talent management strategy needs and approach in a discovery call with Roelf.

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Who are you?

A business owner, in a small or medium, for profit business or a leader in a small or medium sized not-for-profit organization, facing an HR issue.

What problem are you facing?

Government legislation is changing. There are new regulations for employment issues, governance issues, tax and payroll issues.

How do you update your HR policies and practices to comply and still have the best possible HR practices?

You have a difficult employee situation and don’t know where to find the expertise to work through the issue (staffing, employee relations, coaching, training).

Where do you get the HR insights and coaching you need to make the best possible decisions in these circumstances?

Who am we?

Mary Travaglini

I am an experienced, senior Human Resource consultant. I have created HR process and practice blueprints so you can do what is best and not worry about “people” issues.

I have been an HR service provider and HR manager in small, medium and large organizations. I have seen  and managed HR issues from the view point of a not-for-profit CEO. I have provided HR services and consulting to profit and not-for-profit organizations, which have a Canadian, as well as international, operations footprint.

I have unique expertise in helping not-for-profit organizations manage the challenges inherent in part of their workforce being volunteers.

Roelf Woldring

A former CEO, CIO and CTO, I write on talent management isses and strategy. (See my books here). I work with C-Level leaders to create talent management approaches  find, engage and deveop that work in the face of the growning competition for truly talented people.

Examples of How We Help Organizations Solve HR Issues

Mary Example #1 – if you are concerned that your policies are out of date or non-existent, I will investigate what you do have in place, fill in the gaps, and present you with the current policies you need for approval and dissemination.

Mary Example #2 – if you think that some of your employees are over-worked or under-performing while others are the opposite, I will investigate the current work flows, make  productivity increase recommendations, and support  your managers and you as implement the required changes.

Mary and Roelf Example #3 – if you think you have an staff member whose performance or behavior might require termination, I will provide you with independent advice on the situation. When appropriate, I will support your managers and you as you take the steps to conduct this action in ways that are appropriate for all of those involved.

Roelf Example #4 – 3 regulatory agencies for a certified profession needed to deal with all of the process and people issues that arose when they were required to integrate by their governmental sponsors. I worked with the executive teams to address and to implement the strategic and tactical needs to achieve that process and people consolidation.

HR Expertis = Key To Increased Productivity
Life Is Short Get Expert HR Advice

 What is the next step?

Reach out to Mary via email or Roelf by Zoom. Setup a 15 to 20 minute confidential, discovery conversation.

We will provide you with the insight you need to decide on your next steps.

If you are comfortable with our insights and approach, we will work out a win-win engagement agreement that takes us to the next steps. We will provide you with clear information on our consulting rates, go / no go next action steps, and an estimate for the overall assignment, when that is possible.

Our hourly rates will reflect whether you are a not-for-profit or for-profit organization.

What will be the end result?

Your policies are up-to-date. Your workflow is streamlined. Your talented staff is engaged and productive. You and your employees know what is required. You have a HR  | talent management blueprint for moving forward.


Mary Travaglini contact info:     1-647-334-1771

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