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Interventions / Investigations

We conduct discrete organizational interventions and lead workplace investigations in the following areas:

 Workplace bullying / respectful interaction at work

 Personal relationships which lead to work-related conflicts of interest

 Sexual harassment in the workplace

 Corporate fraud / misuse of corporate assets / Breaches of corporate security

Every assignment starts with a thoughtful, private conversation. During it, we listen first, and then suggest what might be done.

Interventions go beyond investigations. They produce a change in the way work is done. We work with you to shape and to implement them.

Investigations get to the facts. Interventions almost always involve an investigation of some kind. Alternatively, an investigation can be done as a stand alone.

Based on the discovered facts, we work with you as you determine the action you need to get your desired discrete outcome.

We do this discretely and confidentially.

Our focus is on getting concrete results.

We use word of mouth communication on Linked In and personal referrals to make potential clients aware of this service.

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