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The Managerial Skill Framework Video Blog- Part 1

Managing others is not a simple thing to learn. Yet many people move into management jobs without a sense of what skills they need to be effective. Part 1 of The Managerial Skill Frameworks explains how The Managerial Skill Framework works to give individuals investing in their own professional development, and organizational leaders investing in the skill development of members of their work forces, a clear guide to what skills to acquire.

It is all about skill transfer back to the job. The managerial training in which you invest must  create smart habits that allow you to respond in the moment to the behavior of direct reports, peers, and superiors. Unless training programs have this as their goal, they are simply asking you to waste your money.

Managerial skills are progressive. Self Awareness is the core. The other managerial skills build on self awareness in layered manner. Find out more about why. Discover the training resources you can use to begin the development of your managerial potential. See why a progressive training programs makes most sense for organizations investing in the development of their managers.


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