We are such a tribal species!!!!

Ask the average person anywhere in the world – what do you want for your children?

Most people, I believe, would say something like ….

“The opportunity to live in a way that increases the quality of life for their own children.”

Yet we live in a world, and have for centuries, where the egos of our nation state leaders lead to possibilities of global war.

Just think of Napoleon, Hitler, and others,     and now Putin ….

When did Nation State leadership become synonymous with destruction?

When our social abilities to collaborate  in small groups,which leads to the creation of technology, outstrip the social psychology of the leadership needed in a global nation state world.

What can and must we do about it?

First and foremost, I believe that we must all say that our social instincts are more tribal than rational. Just look at our lives – competing organizations, sport teams, political parties, armies, social cliques,  communities, adulation of celebrities, racism,  …. is there any aspect of our model lives which does not display this evolved, almost instinctive, tendency to live our lifes in ways that show the evolution of us as tribally based social creatures!

Second, Then we must find ways to hold national state leaders accountable in ways that do not depend on dynamics of tribal psychology. Democracy was our best attempt so far. But as the events of the last decades has shown, eventually the checks and balances of a rationally designed system of  democracy become subordinate to the instinctive nature of our tribal social psychology.

We just create a check and balance mechanism that provides the ‘collective average national state citizens with a way to provide constantly updated in the moment feedback that does not depend  party political power, and every few years voting to our nation state leaders. The mechanism we create must be available globally, yet be focused within each nation state.

We  nothave such a technology – a free global Internet. I must not be not controlled by the very national leaders who play with the possibility of the armed force which can lead to global destruction, a level of armed force which makes any no rational sense in our modern technology-based global world.

A growing sense that my future is more and more out of my control that has been building since the turn of the century into the 21st.

 What sparked this blog post on my part, and this line of thinking?

And thinking about ‘what would I do” if I were in charge of the response to the Ukraine crisis, and realizing that other than inviting Russia to join NATO, I had no real insight, and that this posssibility would never be seriously considered in a nation state world which develops on an ‘us-them’ tribally based social psychology.

and finally, …. reading an opinion you can read for yourself … follow the url link below!

I read the following and had a strong reaction to the ‘rational’ analysis, which my personal psychology always per-disposes me to … I thought:

  • very rational analysis,
  • by a person who is skilled and experienced at understanding international dynamics and war gaming,
  • yet by and large, people will ignore it,
  • because they are caught in the drama of tribal psychology, rather an a rational view of we can keep any of these negative impact outcomes from happening.

Finally, I turned to my own sense of the need for an ethical base for human life which can be shared, no matter what your national or religious upbraiding, that is still consistent with a tribally evolved social psychology.

The ethical principle I am now committed to …

No child chooses to be born. Therefore, every child deserves to be brought in a way that maximizes the possibility of a good live. No adult has the right to exploit children anywhere, or kill them, in order to meet their own needs.

I know that this is very simplistic. But I strongly believe that ethics must be based on simple principles, not complex, conditional if-then ones.

Putin and many other national leaders obviously don’t agree with this ethical stance. They don’t seem to think and feel that children, even the average adult, is anything other than a means to their own emotional and material satisfaction.

The First  Link ….

The War Games Rational Analysis of Likely Outcomes of the Ukraine Crisis

A quick update – 5 minutes after I finished editing this post, this showed up in my Inbox

Makes you think that I might not the the only person thinking along these lines

The Second Link …

Nuclear weapons: Why reducing the risk of nuclear war should be a key concern of our generation



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