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Coaching Individuals for Increased Performance
Roelf and Heather met with the CEO of a successful start-up. She was perplexed. Her company was past the idea stage. She and her folks had demonstrated their Internet product’s market appeal. She knew that her firm was ready to take off. Her financial advisors had assured her they could find the money she needed. But she felt out of her depth. She had never scaled a firm from start up to rapid break out before. She knew she needed a private sounding board, where she could try her ideas about how to do this. She wanted her sounding board to be private, away from the day-to-day pressure of her role. She needed to make try out things in conversations, getting feedback on her ideas, and not make actual mistakes that hurt her firm’s future. After some initial chat, she agreed to meet once every two weeks with Roelf for ‘coaching’. She wanted him to think hard and deep. His job was to challenge, based on his past experience leading innovative organizations, large and small. She needed him to challenge her, but in ways that led to productive action not confrontation for the sake of confrontation. As appropriate, Roelf’s role was to present her with potential action options, especially ones that were based on experience she had not yet had the opportunity to have.
We can do the same for crucial people in your organization. We don’t know everything about your business. But we know talent. We built our own success as leaders by focusing the talent of the people who worked for us –  employees, contractors, and consultants – on actions that accomplished results. We know the strategy questions to ask. We know how to test possibilities and pick the ones that pay off. We know how to shape implementation action that works. We have coached and mentored innovative leaders, in our own organizations, and in clients’.
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