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The client services firm CEO sat down with Heather, our Project Management Practice Lead.

“I have a problem. I have a group of PMI-PMP trained project managers who keep getting in trouble politically, internally and with clients. Yet projects are the way that we deliver most of our client work.”

Heather spent some time talking with the CEO’s project managers, and very discreetly, with a client or two.

She met again with the CEO, sharing 2 conclusions and 2 recommendations.

What Heather found …

“Your PM’s are technically well trained in PM processes and in your industry’s technical environment. But they each do project management in their own way.”

“Your PM’s are relatively young in their PM careers. They have not had the benefit of working in a large organization, where the client expectation management side of project management skills gets passed from the older, more experienced PM’s to the new ones through informal mentoring and coaching.”

What she recommended …

“Let’s put a PMO (project management office) Lite approach in place which creates a standard set of PM practices for your whole organization. Let’s do this as a quick project involving your existing PM’s in a short workshop or 2. I will run the project along with a small part-time team of 2 to do the document creation, and more importantly, shape the needed communication / training.”

“Let’s put a Client Expectation Management coaching program in place for your PM’s. I will meet with each of them for 3 sessions lasting about an hour. In the 1st, I will listen to each person’s view on client expectation management. In the 2nd, I will coach that on what she or he needs to add to their client management skill sets. In the 3rd, I will follow up on each person’s success at implementing these new skills.”

The CEO did both. It worked. Her project management problems went away.


Experience counts in project management. The Project Management Institute PMP certification program ensures new project managers (PM’s)  have a basic foundation in project management techniques and processes. But the real skills in project management develop through experience, coaching, and mentoring.

Client expectation management, conflict resolution, and team member performance management are soft skills with huge pay-off for PM’s. These skills develop on-the-job, through mentoring and experience.

We have coached and mentored hundreds of project managers during our careers. We have built and upgraded numerous PMO’s (project management offices).

If you are a smaller organization, you, unlike large corporations, don’t have a group of older project managers who pass on their experience to the ones coming up. We will fill that gap, passing on our experience to your PM’s.

We will also work with them to turn-around projects in trouble, doing the skill transfer which will keep those project’s PM’s from getting in trouble in future.

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