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Recruiting in a Hybrid Work World

The Details …..

Who are you?

You are an entrepreneur growing a business, or a C-Level Executive in an organization. You know your future success depends on the talented people you can hire. But recruiting is changing rapidly, especially in today’s world of endemic Covid 19 and hybrid work.

What problem are you facing?

Traditional recruiting processes no longer seem to work well. Key word, resume search driven job posting platforms are no longer effective at reducing the ‘resume spam’ to a few good candidates for you to consider.

What can you do about this? How can you use the power of the Internet to find those few people who truly have the talent you need and are also motivated to take your hiring search seriously? 

What works in today’s recruiting world?

Roelf Woldring and Mary Travaglini have led the hiring of thousands of people. They have seen, used, and evaluated all of the recruiting techniques: from key word resume search to in-depth behavioral interviewing. They have learned the hard way that the key to great hiring depends on 3 things:

First, what you are ready to pay? Talented people want to be respected. Their first test of this is the salary or contracting fee and working conditions you are ready to offer. If it does not meet their expectations, they will not apply. There is no way around this. You are in control when deciding what you will offer.

Second, how do you reach out to find qualified people? The single most effective method remains word of mouth referrals. Rewarding your existing staff, or the people in your network, when they refer a person who you eventually hire is a great way to do this. Giving them access to a service or product (including the ones you have access to through Barter Pay) may work far better than a cash reward. Make this happen in order for to improve your hiring effectiveness.

Third, qualify candidates effectively and efficiently so that you only spend time with those people are truly capable and motivated. Doing so has great payoff for you. The candidates who take you seriously benefit from it too.

Treat recruiting | hiring as a two-sided decision-making process. Use a recruiting process that shows what candidates can do for you on the job from day one. By doing so, you will also be giving them the information they need to evaluate if there is a fit between what they can and want to do and your open role. When you do so, you show them that you respect them as the mature, high performing candidates you want for your open roles.

Barter Pay has been great for us. We have found talented entrepreneurs to collaborate with on our projects. If you are looking for a way to find great product and services, have a look. Click on the image to the right to go to the website.

Barter Pay - John Porter
The Performance Challenged Talent Acquisition Process

What can we do to help?

In the last two years, Roelf has created an innovative approach to qualifying candidates. Align the questioning power of the Internet with your insightful judgment about a candidate’s ability to perform in your open roles.

Refer interested and referred candidates to a short, role specific customized performance probing survey in an Internet tool like Survey Monkey. Craft the questions to focus on what candidates need to do in order to perform at high level from day one in your open job.

Only the truly motivated ones will response. Look at their answers, in combination with their resumes, to identity the high value few who truly will meet your requirements.

We will coach you, or your recruiters, through this process the first times you and they use it. We empower hiring managers and recruiters to face the challenges of your future hiring needs. We are NOT recruiters. We are recruiting process experts who coach and empower others to recruit and engage with talented people in better ways.


What is the next step?

Reach out to Roelf via email. Setup a 15 to 20-minute discovery conversation over the Internet. (Roelf uses Zoom to ensure privacy.)

Roelf will provide you with the insights you need to decide on your next steps. He can also send you a pdf copy of his “The Performance Challenge Talent Acquisition Process: An Overview” e-book. This may be all you need.

How does this help you?

At the end of your discovery conversation, you will know if you want to take the steps to initiate a recruiting process coaching relationship with us.

What will be the end result?

No one can guarantee talent search and hiring results in today’s turbulent skill marketplace. But by implementing the Performance Challenge Recruiting Process™, you will gain 3 important benefits over those who are competing with you for the best talent.

First, you will avoid all the expensive and morale devastating consequences of bad hires, which are often the result of the traditional recruiting process.

Second, you will only spend time with high value potential candidates who are motivated and capable of performing in your open roles.

Third, you will empower your folks to take the most modern approach to qualifying candidates for your roles.

Take the Next Step

Reach out today. Drive the growth that can only come from hiring the talented people who truly fit into your open roles.

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