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Leading the Multi-generation Workforce:

A Research Investigation

Learning from People Who Actually Do

In the last weeks, we have again learned that there is a huge difference between the ‘easy do it this way’ prescriptions you see on the Internet, including on a business focused web site such as Linked In, and the real world.

It is easy to write a short piece on how you ‘should’ do something. Spend an hour or two writing, and then declare yourself an instant expert on the Internet.

It is a lot harder to actually do. The best doers often don’t take the time to write. They don’t need to call themselves experts. They just get the results we all admire and want.

Yet these are the folks from who we all actually want to learn about how to do things ‘better’.

We are reaching out to these real ‘doers’, so we can learn from them.

One of the challenges we have watched managers, especially new managers, face is leading a work group that is composed of a mixture of generations.

You can’t just project your own desires and values on each of the people in your group.

Members of different generations definitely need different motivation and coaching approaches.

We have started to ask people who actually lead groups that have multiple generations in them how they lead and inspire their folks.

We will compile what we learn in a systematic fashion and extract the best practices we see.

We will publish the results, first to the folks who participated, and then to others.

If you want to know know, download  our project research brief here.

We need you to participate.

To make things easy, we are restricting our dialogue with you about this to less than 30 minutes. We will set it up as a Zoom or telephone meeting that we will record. We will use transcripts as the research base.

We will keep your identify confidential. We are interested in what works – the  evidence based patterns of success. If we want to quote your words, or identify you as a ‘best practitioner’, we will ask your permission first.


Our results will only be as good as your participation.

So please, if you have more than one generation in your work team, consider spending a few minutes with us.

Just use our contact form ( click here ) to send us an email with the  words- “I want to contribute to Leading the Multi-Generational Workforce” in the body. Include your contact information please (email address and phone number), We  will get back to you promptly.


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