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Competency Styles™ Based Individual and Team Performance Coaching

The Relating to Others Bundle

Decades of research and practical experience have clearly shown that understanding your behavior patterns at work is the bedrock of all interpersonal effectiveness. My experience as a C-level leader aligns with this. After investing millions of dollars in leadership training for my staff, I finally learned that ‘ideas about leadership’ don’t lead to increased productivity back-on-the-job. When I invested in self awarenesss development and coaching for my managers and work teams, I did get a major return on my soft skill training dollars.

Getting Beyond


at Work

You just cannot get beyond your current sense of ‘being stuck”. You ability to see beyond what is happening today seems clouded. You have the feeling that you are stuck in an unproductive cycle of behavior which is not getting you what you want or where you need to do.

Getting ‘unstuck’ coaching will move you beyond this. I combine wide ranging business experience with a deep training in business counseling when working with you. Our personal, discrete dialogue will move you as a leader or entrepreneur beyond your current roadblocks.

Understanding How You Make and Act on Decisions at Work

Every day, each of us makes endless business decisions, by ourselves and with others.But no one ever gives insight into how we do this, and how we can best align our decision making behaviors with the behaviors of those with whom we work.

Increase your individual, or that of all of the members of a work team, insight into your decision making, and acting on decision, behavior patterns. When you do, you, or all of the members of them, will strongly increase your interpersonal effectiveness.

Implementing ‘Performance Challenge Recruiting’

The post pandemic talent acquisition dynamic has change dramatically! Many jobs remain unfilled. Talented people have different work satisfaction demands that they are not prepared to ‘put’ off. 

The performance challenge recruiting beats tranditional resume based recuiting in over coming these challenges.

Coaching for recruiters and business owners in the most powerful top performer recruiting process.

Powerfully suited to finding, hiring, and engaging the people who best fit your organization’s work culture and its business growth future.


Acting as an Investigation Business Sponsor

Investigation Facts

Managers and executives have the accountability to ensure that proper, unbiased, investigations are done when they are needed (alleged psychological or sexual harassment, work place fraud | conflict of interest).

Confidential, in the background coaching intended to turn you into a hero as the business sponsor of such an investigation. Keep the result from ending up in the courts.

People perform on-the-job, not resumes or performance appraisals!

Total Talent Management


Roelf Woldring leads The Right Talent

Our Guiding Vision:

Talent trumps everything.

No matter how great your vision,

or how powerful your technology,

without the talented people

you need to execute,


The Right Talent

“Liberate your talent,
commit to life long learning.”

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Respect in the Workplace

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Notifications of new people skill courses, e-books and webinar events in your inbox - no more than once a week.

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