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This short (2.5 minute) video gives you a quick overview of The Right Talent’s available soft skill e-learning programs and face-to-face workshops.

A longer, interactive version of the video (11 minutes) is available below. It provides more information on the individual e-learning programs and work shops. 

The Right Talent’s e-learning web site is www.ktkhkw.com 

Know That, Know How, Know Why


“Effective soft skill development programs are the most effective way to increase your individual and team productivity.

Organizations get great return from investing in soft skill development programs which do 2 things.

1. Develop the whole skill (mind and body) through role plays and feedback, since this creates habitual full body skills which come into play “in the moment”.

2. Emphasize “taking it back-to-the-job” during the program, since without effective skill transfer there is no return from the training investment.”

This longer version of the video (20 minutes) goes describes each of the 18 soft skill e-learning programs and 7 face-to-face soft skill development workshops.

It includes a menu side bar on the right hand side which allows you to move through the video to each of the sections,

as well as a Table of Contents on the left hand side which can be pulled up by clicking on the icon on the pop up control bar at the bottom of the video. 

The Right Talent: Talent Trumps Everything

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I need to build up the awareness of the soft skill e-learning programs I have at www.ktkhkw.com and this blog. 

When you sign up, I will send you a coupon to access any of those e-learning programs at no cost. 

Click the bitly link to watch this short video (2.5 minutes) to see more about these programs. /2DjMz7J

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