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Face-to-Face Soft Skill Development Programs for Increased Individual and Team Performance

A C-level leader whose success depended on the productivity of his people asked us.

“What is the single training investment that I can make that will increase the individual productivity of my folks while improving their ability to work in teams? I lead a mixed group of IT, engineering, product management, and marketing professionals.”

Our answer is based on years of experience spending more than a million dollars on the training of similar professionals in our teams

“Invest in training them how to ask more effective questions. Do so in a series of small 2-day workshops that systematically work through all your people. Shape the participation in those workshops carefully: Put the members of current and potential working teams into workshop groups. Include lots of video-based feedback in the workshops. Pick training facilitators who are expert in at training soft skills, but also have deep creditability with your people because of their personal success as executives and leaders.”

Face-to-Face Small Group Soft Skill Development Programs:

Asking Effective Business Questions – foundation effective question asking skills for all business professionals

Getting the Right Facts – advanced interviewing skills for business analysts, project managers, consultants and other working professionals (builds on Asking Effective Questions)

Facilitating Meetings – advanced meeting management skills for project managers, consulting engagement leaders, working managers, team leaders and other working professionals

Performance Contracting – contracting with direct reports for high levels of future performance:  for managers with direct reports

Effective Hiring – working with recruiters to hire for the best possible performance fit and culture fit – for hiring managers

OMG, My Boss Expects Me To Coach – foundation coaching skills for managers and individuals who are expected to coach others

We know this works because it worked for us. We have led thousands of working professionals during our careers. We have spent more than a million dollars on technical and soft skill training. People need to learn ‘how to’, not ‘what’. They need immediate opportunities to use what they have learned when they get back-to-their-jobs.

ROI from only comes when trainees apply the new skills back-on-the-job.

Soft skill training needs to be systematically delivered across your organization (or parts of it), so that that the new soft skill performance culture becomes the norm. You need  to avoid the ‘soft skill extinction’ effect.

When well done, soft skill training has huge ROI. Individuals increase their personal productivity. Managers and team leaders get leverage by increasing the productivity of those who work for and with them.

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