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What Makes The Right Talent’s Soft Skill Development Workshops Different and More Effective?

Acquiring soft skills beyond the 20% level – the ones we all use every day, when things are going well, requires that you:

  1. break the skill down into its component pieces,
  2. drill each sub skill, getting feedback on your practice that helps you constantly improve.
  3. periodically role play (i.e. scrimmage) so that you integrate all of growing sub-skills into integrated habitual skills that you can use in-the-moment on the job. 

The Right Talent’s soft skill face-to-face development workshop use the “Sport Skill Model of Soft Skill Acquisition to accomplish exactly that. 

We all have the first level of soft skills. We acquire them as part of growing up and being educated. They get us through 80 of the situations we deal with in our work and social lives – every one is well intentioned and the stress levels are low. 

But add some less than positive intentions, or the stress of conflict, or the tension of competition or delivery pressure, and these skills are simply not enough. 

For these situations we need to develop the other 80% of the skill that allow us to achieve our goals under these conditions. 

That takes careful training, thoughtfull feedback, drill practice, coaching and TIME. 

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