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Team Building Workshop

“The best way to build a team in to engage that team in an activity which is set up to succeed.

Past team success sets the foundation for future team success.”

Some team building trainers use wilderness adventure or “high ropes” experiences to achieve this. That works, but often the “take back” when your folks get back-on-the-job is not as great as you hoped. We focus our team building workshops on soft or people skills. 

Why Effective Questioning?

People need two things in order to ask effective questions at work:

  • Questioning process skills: to structure and to sequence the questions they ask to get to the content information they need.
  • Content knowledge: to understand what they are hearing,

Education and work experience give people the content knowledge. Few training programs provide the process skills needed to ask questions effectively, especially under conditions of work place conflict, tension, or stress.

We do, using a proprietary “Effective Questioning Framework™” which breaks asking questions down into a set of easily practiced macro or component skills.

Over the two days of the workshop, each person receives one-on-one feedback using video which allows them to acquire and to integrate these component skills into an effective in-the-moment “Asking Questions” tool set. At the same time, they engage in role plays and simulations that enhance their ability to work as a team.

What is your pay-off?

When a full team comes to such a workshop, team building happens as well. As a result, two things occur back on-the-job.

  1. Individual productivity increases because person has a new level of one-on-one interpersonal skill.
  2. Team productivity increases because the team itself has engaged in an activity as a team which they experienced as s success.

What does it cost?

2 days, up to 10 people, all materials included – $6000, or $300 per person per training day. If you have suitable in-house facilities, we use them to reduce your overall costs. In not, we will find a convenient, suitable, nearby location, and ask you to pay for its costs. Normally, this is a nearby hotel.

Ground Rules

  1. We require that individuals attend full time during the 2 days, since the team-building and skill acquisition is progressive. Cell phones must be turned off.
  2. We will spend time talking with you before the workshop to get a sense of the work participants do, so the role plays and simulations we use during the workshop reflect their work place content.
  3. The best back-on-the job payback comes when you send full teams to the workshop. However, in the past, we have found that the payback from participants’ increased ability to ask work place questions alone justifies the cost of the workshop for all working professionals.

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