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Since April of 2021, I have been struggling with the social isolation needed to deal with the spread of Covid 19, and a health issue which had me in the hospital for a week in August of 2021.

Both are now under some degree of control.

I have my second vaccine. Week two since the shot happens this coming Wednesday.

The impact of the  health issues for which I hospitalized myself is finally beginning to come to a manageable place.. I am starting to exercise again, seeking to bring myself back into some level of physical conditioning.

Finally, I am being creative again. By slowly weening myself off the medications I was on, I have recovered my mental acuity and brought my depression to an end. I am happy again, even though I have some way to go.

I am looking forward to the next 10 years. I have a mission that I am passionate about –  creating soft skill development learning games for working professionals, managers, and teenagers.

I have accepted the inevitability of my own limited life span. I will be lucky if I live another 10 years productively, grateful for each year during which I retain my mental capabilities beyond that.

I have accepted the fact that the latest form of governance humanity is trying on: democracy seems to be failing. It:

  • attracts egoistic, self-aggrandizing con people to be politicians, rather than sound socially oriented individuals who have the increasing the common good as their ego-less goal,
  • the existence of ‘poly-talk”, the language shared by politicians and journalists which sound as if it is about real things, but is really about the continuing con-game that elections in democracies have become _

“Give me your vote

in return for my promise to give you things that are paid for by your and your neighbors’ tax dollars,

and which oh by the way,

I have no intention of treating as any kind of social contract or promise

once I get elected and can participate in the feeding frenzy

us politicians engage in

around the collective wealth pool created by your tax dollars.”

  • makes it almost impossible to deal with the global issues facing human beings to deal in a realistic way:

– the rapid spread of viruses around the global, facilitated by global travel patterns and global supply chains,

– the growing impact of imbalances in climate as the earth’s atmosphere continues to heat up.

– the unrealistic glorification of a nationalistic approach to military might, in a world with the technology of weapons become ever more threatening to the existence of life on the globe,

– the inability of the world’s business leaders to move beyond a short term form of destructive capitalism which erodes the long team by remaining dedicated to an accounting system which makes annual short term profit the greatest good,

– the inability of democratic forms of governance to deal with the growing economic imbalance between the wealthy and the protected (those who work for governments or government financed service delivery agencies) and those who economic welfare depends on short term work or risk full activities.

All of this is beyond being in ‘my hands’ (see the image).

The thing which I have any control over that is the results of my creativity.

So I have decided to spend the last years of my life focusing on that.

My creative self is back and alive and looking forward to doing.

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