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Roelf is an efficient and focused recruiter who has done several assignments for us. The final candidates he presents are well suited to do the job. He works with us closely to ensure understanding of the best fit for the position, so that we can engage deeply with a few final candidates in good time. Roelf helps ensure that we pick the one person who best fits into our business and our culture.

Roelf understands that entrepreneurial organizations need to get things done when money is tight. He knows that customer orientation is the key to succeeding in the marketplace and demonstrates his own commitment to customer service in the way that he keeps us informed and involved in all recruiting activity.

If flexible, high-performing people are the key to your organization’s future, I recommend involving Roelf in your hiring.

Samantha Davis

Director of Research and Client Success, Eigenworks.com


As General Manager, Roelf inspired the CFO with visionary reforms that resulted in growth and higher returns to all producers. His style was to lead while communicating about innovations, objectives, and expectations to everyone within the organization. During his time, he improved the financial prospects of CFO, strengthened the bargaining power of the organization, and the security of its productive capital. Staff benefited from his enthusiasm to modernizing management, became more skillful, and grew professionally.
Mamane Annou

General Director at MCA-Niger


I had the pleasure of working for and with Roelf when he led the Chicken Farmers of Ontario as the organization’s General Manager. During this time, Roelf successfully brought structure and discipline to the organization all the while leading initiatives aimed at raising the organization’s profile and managing critical industry issues. Roelf’s experience, knowledge and skills clearly lend themselves to assisting organizations in need of addressing challenges.
Pierre Leduc

Director General, Communications Services – Public Affairs Branch at Agriculture and Agri-Food Canada


I first worked with Roelf at time when he was developing the strategy for, and putting into practice, the cultural transformation of a group of 1500 IT professionals. He was an inspiring leader, whose personal intellect and ability to innovate was combined with his ability to inspire others and to build teams. He persistently moved our culture forward, not just by leading our own “people resources” group, but also by persuading IT leaders and others who did not directly work for him, to embrace and to implement fundamental change on the technical and people management levels.

In the last years that I worked for him, he built an energized e-commerce software and production management expert team from scratch. They successfully bid on, built, and production-managed the e-commerce software front ends for many of Manulife’s automated customer-facing business applications. He did so by implementing innovative agile approaches to client engagement, project management / delivery and staff deployment / development. He is a strong believer in metrics-based performance and in operational transparency to his client base. Many of the people in this organization have told me that their time in this organization had been and still is a highlight in their careers.

Mary Travaglini

Volunteer Management and HR Consultant


Roelf is a true expert who takes the time to understand complex organizational issues and offer innovative and workable solutions. His strong orientation towards customer service was consistently present as he helped me grow from a project engineer to human resource professional.
Caren DesBrisay

Resource Director, Intelliware Development Inc


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