Total Talent Management

People perform on-the-job, not resumes!

People perform on-the-job, not performance appraisals.

Finding, hiring, developing, and performance managing the talented people you need for your organization to thrive, perhaps even survive.

“Recruiting Realities: How to keep your recruiting process from creating bad hires” – the e-book is now available and being published a chapter a day on Linked In.

Zoom Coaching

One on One Coaching for Leaders and Professionals

One on one coaching, over Zoom, for leaders and working professionals …

1. Making Decisions Competency Styles™ Personal and Work Group Coaching

2. Implementing an Effective Talent Plan and Recruiting Strategy Coaching | Consulting

3. Initiating and Managing Workplace Investigations Coaching

Soft Skill and Business Leadership Professional Development

On-demand, just in time e-learning programs for working professionals and face-to-face workshops that grow  people skills from the every day to the level needed by managers, project team members, and leaders who work under delivery pressure and have to deal with interpersonal stress and  conflict.

Conducting Workplace Investigations

Confidential, investigations into potential workplace harassment, business fraud, and inappropriate conflict of interests.

Some  workplace investigation involve  complex social psychological, technology, and financial management elements. Such investigations have  more complex dynamics than the 1 complainant – 1 alleged offender investigation. Roelf Woldring brings wide-ranging IT and financial management experience, as well as post graduate training in the psychology of the workplace, to the investigations he leads.

 HR  On Demand Contract Services

The world of work is changing.

HR practices that worked for decades during the baby boomer era no longer ‘cut it’. Talent is getting harder and harder to find. Governments are creating legal frameworks relevant to the workplace that need clear and more complex compliance. Individual personal and quality of life dynamics drive their recruitment choices more than simply wanting a career that moves them ‘up’ the organizational ladder over time.

Mary Travaglini brings both sides of the HR table to her HR process consulting / coaching work. An experienced HR practitioner. She has also been a not-for-profit CEO.

Roelf’s talent management experience is extensive. He writes and consults regularly on cutting edge management issues.

Connecting with Roelf or Mary

Roelf is a former CEO and CIO whose career specialized in turning around under performing IT groups and organizations. He has provided on-demand talent management services to many organizations.

Mary is a leading edge expert in volunteer and  regular staff engagement and talent management. She provides just in time HR services to not-for-profit as well as for-profit small and medium sized organizations.

Global networks


Roelf has reflected on and turned his leadership experience and post graduate training into a set of ‘guiding’ how to books for other business professionals.

More and more, he is authoring these e-books in ways that involve modern visual elements rather than traditional text based layouts.  In the past, he did not make people aware that these resources for managers and aspiring business leaders existed.  His career was focused on executive and interim executive work.

Today, he has turned to ‘developing’ the next generation of leaders, both here and in the developing world. These books are part of that passionate dedication.


Roelf Woldring leads The Right Talent


Mary Travaglini works with Roelf.

The Right Talent

“Liberate your talent,
commit to life long learning.”

The Site

Over the next weeks, all of our e-learning programs will be moved to direct hosting on this web site.

Our Guiding Vision:

Talent trumps everything.

No matter how great your vision,

or how powerful your technology,

without the talented people

you need to execute,


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Respect in the Workplace

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Get "Respect in the Workplace"

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Notifications of new people skill courses, e-books and webinar events in your inbox - no more than once a week.

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