Recruiting for Rapidly Evolving Roles

A CEO client approached us to help him to find a Director of Client Project for a fast growing, specialized consulting firm working in the B2B space.

Roelf, our Talent Practice Lead, sat down with him and asked, “How will you know that this new hire is going to do a great job?”

“Not sure. I just know I need someone how who can deliver today and set us up to deliver tomorrow while we are growing double every year. I have the clients. I just don’t have the ability to deliver.”

Our kind of challenge. We often hear something like this from leaders in rapidly-growing firms. Roelf spent an hour or so talking with this CEO. Roelf then drafted a performance profile for the new role while set out specific performance metrics for this hire at 3, 6, and 12 months. The CEO now had a clear picture of how this role fit into his growth thinking.

Roelf found candidates. He reduced them to a viable short list. He briefed each individual on the final short list about the role. When these individuals met individually with the client CEO, each final candidate talked about what he or she could do in this role, and why this was so. The interviews were future paced They were not about the jobs these folks had held in the past. Past accomplishments were only relevant as evidence of an ability to do what was required in this new role.

The CEO picked the final candidate who best fit his working style. That new hire is now delivering on the performance targets. Roelf knows because 3, 6 and 12 months follow up reviews are built into the way we recruit.

We will take the same performance oriented recruiting approach for any of your dramatically evolving roles, from C level to working professional.

Our recruiting niche is rapidly evolving roles and organizations that are changing or growing rapidly.

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