The distinction between an e-book and an e-learning program is becoming less and less apparent. Today, I create e-books in a very visual style, designed to be scroll-able on line. Interactive quizzes extend their learning scope.

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A Visual E-Book | E-Learning Program

8 Modules, 6 Interactive Learning Quizzes – Currently No Cost.

4 Resources to support your own selection of a Business Coach

Any one can create a web site and declare his or her self a ‘business coach’. But after years of hiring coaches for direct reports and doing business coaching assignments myself, I have learned that successful business coaching takes more than SEO based Internet marketing. Find out how you can maximize the success of your business coaching relationships.

Long Live Performance Contracting

The 4 Core Competency Style™ Personal Work Books are a paper based alternative to the Competency Style based Self Insight Personal and Work Group Coaching Program. The better you know your self and your behavior patterns, the more effective you will be as a manager of others and as a team member.

Recruiting Realities

How to keep your recruiting process from creating ‘Bad Hires’

Visual E-Book | E-Learning Program: 25 Modules

Talent is the life blood that allows organizations to thrive, in some cases to even survive.

But with the “Great Resignation” and the end of the Baby Boomer era, talented people are harder and harder to first find, and then hire. Hiring mistakes hurt even more than they did in the past.  Move to the recruiting approach that is your only realistic choice in the 21st Century.

Long Live Performance Contracting

Employee survey after employee survey over the past decades have all found the same thing: Staff hate performance appraisal, and say it has no relevance to their actual performance on-the-job.

Using performance contracting, the talented people working for me build  world class organizations. You can too.

If your life blood as an organization is talent, you cannot manage people in the same way that traditional organizations did.

You need to adopt the Total Talent Management approach to staff if you are rapidly growing, innovative, or creative problem solving organization. Increase your staff engagement using the TTM approach.

Stope Wasting Your Training Dolars

Organizations and individuals waste most of the dollars they invest in soft skill development. Don’t waste yours, either as an organizational leader, or as a career oriented independent professional.

Learn why, and what to do about it.

Take the steps needed, either as an individual professional, or as an organization leader, to make sure that your training dollar investments produce real ROI back on-the-job.

It takes smart people to plan the turnaround of an organization. it takes experienced ones to execute it successfully.

This book boils down the experience of turnaround leaders who have ‘been there, done it, got the result’.

If you are an organizational leader, you can expect people’s tolerance for ‘harassing” behavior patterns on the parts of their peers, their direct reports, and their superiors is gone in a ‘me too’ world. You must pro-act on instances of ‘lack of respect’ in the work place. Here is your guide to the first step: managing workplace investigations …

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Respect in the Workplace

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