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 These 4 books capture decades of experience with leading innovative organizations.

The approaches described in them will  take you the next level as a manager of others or as a work group team player.

If your life blood as an organization is talent, you cannot manage people in the same way that transaction based organizations do (e.g. financial institutions, insurance companies, manufacturing organizations, utilities, transportation companies, and government and near-government organizations).

If you run a rapidly growing, highly innovative, or creative problem solving organization, no matter what its size, you need to manager your talent resources very differently from the ways in which people are managed by the human resource professionals who work for transaction based organizations.

You need to take a “Total Talent Management” approach to the finding, developing and managing the performance of the people who work for you. Find out what this means in this book.

This is not ‘theory’! Instead, it is the result of decades of leading highly successful innovative organizations that constantly exceeded their performance and delivery targets.

For who:       Any one in organizations where people matter – where the talent of the people who do the work make the difference between “ok” and “great”. You could be an HR professional, a manager, a C-Level executive or a person maximizing your career.

For What:    A book that answers the What, When, Why, Where, and How To questions – the guide to creating the leading edge people management practices needed in the 21st Century.

It takes smart people to plan the turnaround of an organization; it takes experienced ones to execute it successfully. The individuals in two crucial roles – the turnaround leader and the change sponsor – need to establish a relationship of trust that carries them through the inevitable turbulence they will encounter.

The turnaround leader must make concurrent change on three levels:

  1. people – finding and inspiring the keepers, bringing in new talent;
  2. process – improving the effectiveness (doing the right things) and then increasing the efficiency (doing the right things well);
  3. tools – cutting the unit costs through technology through to create advantage.

He or she must create constant visible progress, in order to keep up the momentum, continuously reinforcing the feeling of “Yes, we will succeed”. Both the external stakeholders and the inside staff must feel this to stay committed to the change. The entire change program must move along urgently and be complete before people both inside and outside the organization experience change fatigue.

 For who:       Organizational change  Leaders,  Senior Consultants, Business Transformation Leaders, Business Sponsors – anyone involved with transforming an organization from lack luster performance to being the ‘best it can be’.

For What:      A “hands on guide”,

this book will help you carry out the turnaround for which you are responsible, or understand the one your organization is going through.

“Shape the Future,
Don’t Appraise the Past”™

Move from the drag
of performance appraisal
to the clarity
of performance contracting!

When is the last time that you had a performance appraisal that you really helped you to grow personally and to expand your career?

When is the last time that you had a performance appraisal that clearly set out how your work was going to be measured and evaluated in the coming time period?

If your answer to these questions is never, then you are like many other people who work for organizations. Employee satisfaction surveys consistently report the negative feelings that people have about the performance appraisal process, whether they are bosses or subordinates.

There is a better way.  It is called performance contracting.

Instead of worrying about the past, performance contracting shapes your work future. Performance contracting allows your boss and you to clarify what you are expected to do in your job. The two of you negotiate the measures: – the tools you both will use to keep track of how you are doing. If you are the boss, performance contracting will motivate and inspire the people working for you to deliver at their peak.

Performance contracting works all year long, not just at year end.

For who:       Any one responsible for the on-the-job performance of others, no matter what level in the organization.

For What:      a 100 page plus PDF book on the how to engage the folks who work for you in a performance contracting approach to increasing their results delivery on-the-job.

We are beginning to see the end.

Covid 19 was a tragedy.

But like all tragedies before it, we learned from it.

One of the most critical things we learned is that the people who work for organizations are adults.

They will discipline themselves to do the work required, even if they have to do it from home

That learning has profound implications for the future of “Respect in the Work Place’.

As we start to go back to work, old work place behavior patterns that were tolerated will no longer be acceptable. If you are an organizational leader, you can expect people’s tolerance for ‘harassing” behavior patterns on the parts of their peers, their direct reports, and their superiors to be gone.

Unless you act to deal with this type of dynamic, your best people will ‘go’ too. They will vote with their feet, moving to employers, full time or contract, who act on such instances of ‘lack of respect’ in the work place. You can no longer just react: create a policy and wait tor the complaints to come in. You will need to proact: initiating harassment investigations when you think that it might be affecting the people who work for you. The days of the passive acceptance of disrespectful behavior at work are over.

“Respect in the Work Place: Harassment Investigations – A Practice Guide” is a comprehensive ‘how to’  book about conducting such investigations.

For who:       Organizational Leaders, Managers, Work Place Investigators, and dynamic working professionals ‘on the move’ in their careers.

For what:      a 100 page plus PDF book on the how to conduct ‘fair investigative practice’ work place harassment investigations. Read through it now, or just keep it as a reference text for when you need it.

Do it when:  At no cost during July and August, to celebrate our joint return to the “after Covid 19” world of work. ($99 after that, about a dollar a page)

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Respect in the Workplace

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